Every girl fantasizes about what her engagement ring may some day look like. Some women say they know exactly what they are looking for while others may have several ideas in mind and just can’t choose. Whether you know what you want, or if you are looking for some guidance we can help! You can buy a new ring at your local jewelry store and pay full price or come to Newport Watch, Jewelry, and Loan for something pre-owned or custom made at a much more reasonable price. We carry pre-owned rings as well as previously owned open settings (mountings) just waiting for the right stone. Choose the mounting for you and let us find the right diamond to complete the setting. An engagement ring is always an important purchase and will hold special meaning for as long as you own it, so you want to make the right choice. Allowing us to create your ring from an open setting will give you the most freedom while still getting the most value from a pre-owned ring. There are many reasons to say “yes” when considering buying a pre-owned ring (or pre-owned mounting): One of a Kind: Your ring, or the ring for your intended, will truly be one of a kind. Whether you choose a pre-owned vintage ring, or a pre-owned mounting to fit a diamond to, you can be sure to come up with a unique look that can’t be found elsewhere. Creating your ring together also gives you an interesting back story and creates a special moment that you won’t get from buying a new ring at the mall. We even have a small selection of heart shaped diamond rings in our pre-owned selection. Many celebrities have made a statement by wearing heart shaped engagement rings including Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani. You may end up with a heart shaped engagement ring like them, but it will be a style all your own. Quality: “Older” jewelry was made with materials and quality that cannot be matched today. Because precious metals hold their quality and value over time, a vintage ring can have the same or better quality as a new ring. At a regular retail jewelry store you could end up spending more money on a new ring that doesn’t maintain the same quality as a vintage ring does. The vintage ring has already proven its worth and durability and is just waiting to be picked up by someone new! Value: Everyone is always looking for the best value or most valuable purchase for the best deal. Engagement rings tend to retain as little as 30% of their value, sometimes less. This means as soon as a ring becomes second hand it loses its maximum value like a new car driving off the lot. So why buy brand new and let your value go when you can buy a ring that someone has already broken in for you? Purchasing pre-owned and/or vintage gives you the opportunity to own a truly spectacular ring at a fraction of the cost. You can own something that will hold its value from the moment you purchased it, because you are now purchasing at the pre-owned price. Sentimental Value: Your beloved will cherish this ring for life, so you want it to be something unique. There is a big difference between finding a ring with us and going to a regular jewelry store at the mall. If you buy from the mall your fiancé/wife may end up seeing more than one person with her ring on. Purchasing pre-owned allows you to have a ring that is just as beautiful and was once just as popular but is no longer in production. Buying at Newport Watch, Jewelry, and Loan ensures whatever you find would be very difficult to find a replicate of, making your ring truly unique and sentimental. Whether you are looking for a classic engagement ring, or something more unique like an emerald or yellow diamond, we have the selection for you to choose from. NewportWatch, Jewelry, and Loan Center specializes in top quality jewelry and luxury watches, including beautiful pre-owned engagement rings as well as other diamond jewelry. Also, if you’re looking to sell an engagement ring, or get a cash loan on it, Newport Watch can help. Our shop at 1860 Newport Blvd., in Costa Mesa is easily accessible from anywhere in Orange County. We even have customers who come all the way from the Inland Empire for our spectacular deals! Wherever you are we can provide the customer service you need and find you the perfect piece of jewelry you’re looking for.

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